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“Survival of the fittest” is a word that is thrown around liberally, but what does it mean? The meat of the phrase means that those who are most prepared, equipped and alert will be the ones that will come out on top of the pack. Going into a battle situation, it is to your benefit to give yourself every advantage you can believe of which means to more than satisfy the criteria of the definition of being “fit.”

The secret to being prepared and equipped is having with you everything you may need in any given situation. This can be problematic when you have to carry all of your gear. However, with the right TA-50 or deployment bag, you can have enough room for everything you need, and if you pack carefully, perhaps even a tiny kitchen sink! The the best option deployment bag begins with essentials in an orderly arrangement. Essentials will be varied for everyone, but at the core ought to be your body armor, some ammunition and a tiny first-aid kit. Here are some guidance for packing the the best option bag:

1. Combinations are KEY! Try combining articles such as putting gloves, a duo of socks and a duo extra rounds in the cavity of the body armor. This will enable there to be more room in the bag as well as keeping things that you will require to use together also packed together so there is no time or energy lost in grabbing something you require. Body armor is bulky and odd shaped for packing, and chances are that if you require one piece, that you will require the same things every time so put them together in a way that they all work together. For example, if you have an extra duo of shoes to pack, consider putting something else that you will be utilizing at that same time in the shoe to save room in your bag.

2. Zip tight bags are awesome! Water leakage inward to your bag (if itís not waterproof or if it gets a hole in it somehow) or liquid/gel leakage outward of a container can prove to be a immense issue if you are traveling or on deployment. Zip tight baggies can save your day! Put shirts or outfits, socks, underwear into gallon size baggies if you are going to be deployed to a wet area with a lot of rain or will be trekking through water. If not, zip tight sandwich baggies around your toiletry items individually can prove very helpful. If one thing spills then it doesnít get on each item turning it into a gooey mess. Also, with the use of zip bags, you will be aware of that socks are always in one bag, underwear is always in one other bag, and so on alleviating wasted time spent rearranging or hunting down items that you require NOW. Time spent hunting ought to be for your adversary instead of for your socks.

3. You can pack your kitchen sink and your bathroom medicine cabinet. Just because you are deployed or traveling does not mean that you have to go without necessities due to lack of space anymore. There are some deployment bags out there that are so ultra-roomy and sturdy that you can pack what you need; one of which is a safety/medical kit. Keep a few bandages, muscle discomfort patches, minor discomfort meds in transport packages, snap-light fishing glow sticks, all in one mini-tool, and snap-released hand warmers. Maybe put those in a round of duct tape or a funnel and put that in a zip baggy or just in a little toiletry case.

4. Why go strategy to the battlefield? To win the war on clutter and mess, you have to plan a way of attack. Strategize and believe about putting together your bag right the 1st time. What will be easiest for you and save you time? What will be something that you will in factual true reality do and maintain? Will zip baggies be something that you can do? Will arranging socks with socks work better for you rather than arranging entire outfits together? Does it make sense to pilfer through your bag each time you require something? Plan what you are going to do and then keep it up so you be aware of exactly where everything is! Arrange things considering shape and frequency of use. Does it make sense to put something you use 3 instances daily on the bottom of the stack? Arranging in slices instead of stacks helps. Think bread slices in a bag. That way you donít have stacks of stuff to look below but rather can see a small sliver sample of each thing you have. Planning your bag will make your time more efficient and lower your stress level because you are more prepared in a shorter amount of time.

Incorporating a few of these thoughts or utilizing them as a holistic system really can aide you in being more prepared, more equipped and more “fit” than your counterparts or competition. Saving time, energy and mental stress will aide you in keeping your performance at an optimum at the same time as still not compromising your personal comfort. Performance levels at their optimum will ensure you are among the most “fit” and will aid to guarantee your success at your mission, both on the battlefield and beyond.


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