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A cordless drill is a must have tool around the house and you crave to get one that has a rapid trigger because this makes it easy to begin the drill, but is also an important factor in not overdrilling and causing a screw to become stripped.

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You also desire to get one that has a long lasting charge clasp. You also want the tool that can be used as both a screwdriver and a drill. The Black and Decker 9099KC 7.2-Volt Cordless Drill With Keyless Chuck fits that description and lets you to do a lot – from little projects to more complicated ones.

There are a lot of pros for choosing this cordless drill. Because it has a keyless chuck, it will seize the drill accessories firmly in place so that as it rotates, the pieces won’t fall out. The handle is built into the mid section of the drill, which gives the tool an even balance and makes it simpler to be used with just one hand.

So if you’re by yourself, you can hold a portion of material steady with one hand and drill with the other. Having the handle in the middle also keeps your wrist from getting strained.

The motor is prevented from overheating by the work of the fan motor, so it will tackle any job for many years. It has two speeds and you can toggle between forward or reverse. Not even 3 pounds in weight, the drill has a measurement of 9.1 by 8.8, which makes it the right weight and size even for anyone to use.

You get an rpm momentum of 325/650, which gives the tool the power it needs and the force to drill into ½ inch wood or 3/8 inch steel. There are so many varied projects and fix it jobs you can do with the cordless drill.

You can put together furniture, hang decorative window rods, drill anchors into walls to hold art, screw together wood for a back deck or fix a fence. Because the tool lets you effortlessly go from drilling holes to screwing in screws, you get the job done faster.

It has 60 pounds of torque to deliver to any project and you can adjust the drill bits rapidly because of the keyless chuck. There’s a 7.2 inner battery pack and one charge will last for months of use, but is rechargeable with the included drill charger. The cordless drill has a 24-month warranty.

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