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If you’ve ever had to drive around looking for a gas station with an air pump so you could use it to inflate the tires that went flat on bikes, you realize how irritating that can be. Of course, tires on a bicycle aren’t the only reason why it’s handy to have an inflator like the Black and Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator.

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You can plug the inflator into a regular socket to use an inflator around the house, but you can also take it with you wherever you go. Nothing is worse than being at the water park and your youngsters are playing with the inflatable water rings, when all of abrupt one or more is going flat.

Beach toys, camping out – for anything that goes flat and needs air, wherever you are, this can be a tear saver! The inflator has 160 PSI so it can with no trouble take on pumping up those tires on bikes or lawnmowers or kids’ inflatable toys within minutes. But it also has the power to pump air into bigger items like an air mattress.

When you’re filling up the object with air, you won’t have the inconvenient task of utilizing a break up pressure gauge to check the pressure because the inflator has an integrated gauge that checks the pressure for you.

Over inflation is never a issue because you input the amount of pressure you crave and the tool will end pumping when that level is reached. The gauge is lit, making it easy to see if you’re using it in the dark.

Because the inflator is tiny and portable, it’s the most appropriate take along when you go out on the boat. It can inflate any blow up toys or rafts – and since you can use it with your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket, you’ll always have a power basis available.

When you buy the inflator, you also get the nozzle as well as an extension nozzle. Also included is a needle inflator and two cords and plugs, one at 120 volts and one at 12 volts.

It’s compact with inside unit storage for the accessories. Because it only weighs 6.1 pounds, if you’re traveling around your area or are on the road on a trip, this inflator is very handy to have along because in case you have a flat tire, you won’t end up stuck on the side of the road. The inflator has a two year warranty.

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