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There are so many things around the house that require to get done – ranging from hanging that new flat screen to changing out old cabinets to hang new ones. When you have projects to do around the house, you require to have the right tool.

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You require one that will confer the strength, the speed and the power that you require to see the job through to completion – and that’s exactly what you get with the Black and Decker HPD18AK-2 18-Volt High Performance Drill.

This drill has a gearbox with two positions – meaning you get tough torque power and fast drilling combined. The high torque motor is made to withstand heavy-duty recurrent use and is professional grade with a lot of features to offer.

One of the other features you’ll really like a lot is that it has a chuck with a spindle lock, so trading the bits is a fast job – and when you get this drill, it comes with an additional 10 pieces of bit accessories, enabling you to handle any job.

You don’t have to buy extras in order to get started. You’ll get the most often used bits with this drill. The grip is a 32 position, so it’s primed for accuracy during use. The batteries are spring loaded, so they’re easy to switch out if needed.

This high performance drill has a lot of pros going for it. One of the pros is that it can transform settings for jobs that need high torque strength. You get 330 inch pounds of torque at your disposal, so no matter what the size of the screw you need to use, the torque can transform for precision. The tool gives 0 to 350 rpm coupled with high torque and 0 to 1,400 rpm for speed.

So you have the power – now what can you use it for? You can drill through varied materials – the most typical being wood or plastic and even metal. You’ll be capable to secure materials together with screws, thanks to the powerful torque – and the drill can produce a range of hole sizes.

It’s most appropriate to use when you desire to build a deck, because the torque can drive heavy bolts into thick wood without splitting the wood. The drill holds a long lasting charge. When you buy the drill, you’ll get the bit set, the charger, the two 18 volt batteries and the solid molded carrying box.

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