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When shopping for a sewing machine, you might desire to consider the
Brother LS2125I Easy-To-Use Lightweight Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine. This machine can be used to do both basic as well as more advance projects and it has an attractive price tag for all of the features that you’ll get with this machine.

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It’s effectively lightweight and when you want to transport it around, it has a built in handle in top of the machine to make moving it easy. When you’re ready to begin sewing, threading the machine is done in seconds and since it has a fast bobbin wind, you can begin sewing fast.

The Brother LS2125I gives users a choice of 10 stitches, which you can use for assorted functions. Whether you’re making clothes or crafts or making a special quilt, this model is best suited for that and a lot more.

You can add zippers with the built in stitches or you can use the elastic stitch to create a waistband. You can gather or fix and you can applique or use a blind hem stitch. This model makes huge zigzag stitches!

A handy feature that this machine offers is the adjustment for the stitches in both length and width. You can vary these to whatever you’d like them to be but they come preset right out of the box so you can sew the minute you get the machine.

When you’re finished with the project, you can use the reverse stitching to tie up the start and ending stitches by merely holding down the lever to get the number of stitches you need. If the tension needs to be changed, you can change it with the thread tension control.

If you’re working with smaller projects, you can remove the addition in order to make it simpler to work on smaller pieces. This machine has plenty of features that make it a dream to own.

One of those features is the 4 step buttonholer. You can use this feature and take all the difficulty out of making buttonholes that will line up perfectly each time. More features that the machine has is that it offers twin needle sewing, which is great for decorative stitching.

The accessories that come with the machine are extra needles in the needle pack, a darning plate that’s useful for mending, twin needle and more. You’ll get a bag that holds the accessories and tucks away out of sight in the removable extension table storage compartment.

Included in the buy is an instruction manual in dual languages – English and Spanish. The machine is covered by a 25 year warranty.

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