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quinoa gluten free bread recipe Most men and women realize how good quinoa is as part of a healthy eating plan, as it is rich in protein and nutrients. But there is another side of it to focus on as well. It can do wonders for folks struggling with hypertension or diabetes. If you supplement your diet with quinoa it will assist you to a great extent in fighting hypertension & Type 2 diabetes.

People suffering from diabetes can have serious problems such as heart disease, blindness or stroke.

But the fact is, diabetes can be controlled. According to the most recent clinical research a low-fat plant based diet helps in improving insulin sensitivity and decreases sugar levels along with cholesterol.

If you see Quinoa (keen-wa), it looks like a sesame seed, a small seed that is disk shaped. In a true sense it cannot be named a cereal grain, but a seed that has some relevance with spinach. You will have to wash it thoroughly with a mesh colander in order to remove saponin from it.
Saponin is basically a bitter, resin-like type of substance which is assumed to be insect repellent for this plant.

Quinoa is delicious to eat & easy to digest and is extremely healthy for individuals of all ages.
Quinoa is called a super grain because of its multiple benefits. Even even though it is a non- animal product, it is quite rich in protein and all kinds of vital amino acids that are essential for our body and required for building protein molecules. It has contents such as amino acids lysine, methionine & cystine. Just four ounces of quinoa carries 22 grams of protein.

Quinoa is a entire grain full of healthy cereal germ, bran intact & endosperm, and introduces immense amount of nutrients and good fat.
Moreover, these benefits have least impact on our sugar level. It means that our sugar level is still maintained in the desired range. Quinoa can be very easily taken with basic meals. You can begin with cooking quinoa instead of white rice as it has more nutritional values.

Quinoa in uncooked form has more copper, tryptophan, manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, iron but very little calories. Even though it is less, it still contains a child’s protein requirements for a day. It has essential amino acids as well which are comparable to those present in milk.

Quinoa is a versatile food and it can be served in many variations. It won’t be harmful to your body. You can either take it while having your breakfast or add it in your lunch or dinner. It has its own special and valuable benefits and will not affect your primary course (except to make it healthier).
One of the noticeable health benefits that quinoa provides is it relaxes the blood vessels. It has magnesium which maintains its level and keeps us free from hypertension, ischemic heart sickness & heart arrhythmia. According to studies, if quinoa is taken as part of a healthy breakfast, it reduces the chances of heart failures.

Quinoa has a huge amount of phyto-nutrients too whose yield has gone unnoticed due to the fact that a lot of research methods have often ignored this fact.

Quinoa is good for Type 2 diabetes patients too. The rich magnesium pleased of quinoa has many positive effects. Magnesium actually works as a supplement for over 300 enzymes which are responsible for the body’s insulin & glucose secretion.

Studies have revealed that if quinoa is taken frequently along with other whole grains, Type 2 diabetes risk can be minimized.

In case you get bored of having quinoa every day, you can add variations.
As an example, you could add low-fat cheese to it or you can mix dry fruits and veggies such as raisins, nuts, lean meat, chopped vegetables, fresh fruits, or any kind of sea food you like.

Quinoa is versatile and need not be taken alone. You can also try making gluten free quinoa banana bread or quinoa zucchini bread.

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