60 Delicious Recipes Using The Super-Food From South America

Quinoa Recipes eBook

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60 Delicious and Healthy Quinoa Recipes
Fun Recipes with Quinoa – the Ancient Diet Food of the Incas

This is not another diet fad book filled with tasteless recipes. This is a recipe book made with an ancient kind of “grain,” called Quinoa (pronounced: KIN-WAH)

If you’ve wanted to lose a few pounds and if you’re tired of eating flood that “tastes like cardboard,” then you’re going to love this book on this ancient food that is chock full of protein.

It’s been proven that a diet high in proteins, low fats and complex carbohydrates will help even people shed the pounds even if your metabolism is stubborn.

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Brief History of Quinoa

Originally discovered in south America by Spanish travelers in the 15th century, the grain was very popular in the Andean regions of Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia and Peru.

Quinoa’s unique nutrition is what makes this a remarkable and versatile food today as it contains many essential amino acids like lysine, calcium iron and trace amounts of phosphorous. The grain is more closely related to beets and spinach. Which basically means, unlike wheat – Quinoa is actually better for you and is considered to be a healthy “whole food.”

In ancient times, Quinoa was cherished as a “sacred food,” by ancient Incas of South America. In their native tongue, it was called “chisaya mama” which translates to English as “the Mother of all grains.”

Today, we can celebrate an ancient food as a natural and wholesome food to help you shed a few pounds.

In our Quinoa Recipe Book, you’ll discover some tasty, south American fare that can be used in many recipes including shrimp. Quite surprisingly, vegans have discovered Quinoa as a natural source of protein, similar to that of soybeans (only tastier!).

Quinoa is naturally rich in iron and has no fats.

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