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Natural Balance “Ultra Premium” is for all breeds and all life stages. Made with three quality meats (no by-products): fresh chicken, duck and lamb meal, an optimum source of highly digestible protein. Oatmeal is added as an exceptional source of carbohydrates, fiber, thiamin and Vitamin E. This diet does not contain corn, soy, wheat, eggs, white rice, dairy, or sunflower oil.

Take your dog or cat anywhere in great comfort for both of you. The PetMate Kennel Cab Fashion Pet Carrier offers your pet cool ventilation through holes on all 4 sides. A quick-latching wire front door gives you easy access. Carry treats and toys in the storage compartment. A comfortable rubber-grip handle makes the PetMate Kennel Cab easy to carry to the park, post office, or neighborhood store. Includes eyelets for an optional shoulder strap (sold separately) and a slot for your car’s seatbelt for extra security while traveling. A moat surrounding the floor keeps your pet dry. Features 25-percent recycled materials. Meets USDA and IATA requirements. Ideal for pets up to 13.5 inches tall. 24.1 x 16.7 x 14.5 inches.

Product Description

The PetMate Kennel Cab is a safe way for your pet to travel. Meeting IATA and USDA requirements which has a seatbelt slot for safe travel. Features a floor perimeter moat to help keep your pet dry along with a water cup in the storage compartment. Fits pets up to 13.5 inches tall.

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