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Each day a huge number of men (something in the region of 13,000 in the US alone) call to see their doctor with a variety of problems associated with urination and come away having been told that they are suffering from an enlarged prostate.

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Benign prostatic hyperplasia, benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH, to supply it its proper kind medical names, is an extremely commonplace and treatable problem seen in many men over the age of 65 and is suffered by as many as half of all men in their sixties and ninety percent of men in their seventies and eighties.

But what causes this condition which is a easy part of the natural growing older process and is as commonplace as your hair turning grey with age?

The simple answer is that, in spite of all the advances in modern medicine, we don’t understand. We do, however, have enough evidence to start to unravel the thriller.

Men are extra likely to endure from BPH if their father, or a brother, has suffered from an enlarged prostate. This suggests that there is, at least in part, a genetic component to the problem.

One theory proper right right right here is that genetic instructions given to the cells of the prostate to control its enlargement during puberty are once more activated in later lifestyles and either consequence in further expansion in their own right or make the cells of the prostate more sensitive to hormones which advertise growth.

We additionally know that men who have their testes removed at an early age (before puberty) do not endure from BHP. There is therefore a hyperlink between the getting older of the testes and the building of an enlarged prostate.

Although the actual role played by the testes is not clear we understand that men produce both the male hormone testosterone and small quantities of the female hormone estrogen throughout life. With increasing age then again the quantity of testosterone provide in the blood decreases despite the truth that the stage of estrogen does not fall in the same share. The theory, supported to a few extent by analysis carried out on animals, is that the higher proportion of estrogen provide in the prostate promotes the activity of different hormones which are accountable for cellular phone growth.

Although this conception has been around for a few time now researchers have discovered it somewhat difficult to explain satisfactorily the link among the idea and the reality that the removal of the testes sooner than puberty results in a failure to increase the problem of an enlarged prostate.

The final, and perhaps at present such a lot credible, theory is that an enlarged prostate is caused by the presence of a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

We know that DHT plays a crucial position in the building of the sex organs all over pregnancy and that it is additionally largely responsible for the development of facial hair, the deepening of the voice and the development of the prostate all the way through puberty.

DHT is derived from testosterone and is found in the prostate where it is believed to play a function in the growth of the prostate gland. However, as testosterone levels drop with age the body’s talent to produce DHT does not appear to diminish and indeed DHT accumulates in the prostate and continues to advertise growth. It is also interesting to note that men who lose their ability to produce this hormone derived from testosterone do not boost enlarged prostate glands.

Although it may be a few years yet prior to researchers uncover the exact lead to of BPH. While it is almost certainly the consequence of hormonal adjustments resulting from the aging process, the precise nature of these changes and the effects which they trigger remain one factor of a mystery today.

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