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Many folks do not want to grow old. They are chagrined when they have to look in the mirror any day and see those lines growing on their faces and they find it difficult to face themselves. This is why so many of them are going to various lengths just to hide them. The good news is that there are effective ways to do this these days.

slow down aging process

No matter what’s said about aging, there are now wonderful ways and solutions that can be implemented to delay the process for a very long time. I mean – why allow yourself to grow old with wrinkles when you are still only in your fifties or forties ? This is insane. It’s important to learn all you can about anti aging so you prevent or delay the aging process for a very long time. If you are ninety, no one will worry that you are aged, but to be in your fifties or forties and start aging is not good at all.

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I understand your dilemma… you want to grow up, but you don’t want to grow old. It’s like saying everybody wants to get to heaven, but nobody wants to die. So, everybody begins to look for ways to slow the process. And here’s my take on this – if you can delay or slow down the aging process, why not ?

The concept or ideal of reversing the aging process is something that a lot of folks have considered for ages. Little success was ever realized with this in the past, but today, they are effective ways of dealing with aging that help keep lots of folks looking young even when they are in their sixties or even seventies.

Man has conquered so much of nature – we have flown, we have hit space, and we have reached the depths of the seas. But there is one thing we are yet to do: we are yet to live forever. Many folks don’t even bother to try, but there are a lot of folks who are obsessed with the idea of it. If this obsession is what has led to the progress being made in the anti aging industry, then we should commend the first individuals obsessed with the desire to live forever. It’s their obsession that has resulted in the progress being made in the anti aging industry today.

Shangri-la is a fictional place that was written about by the British Novelist James Hilton in the early twentieth century. It is situated somewhere in the Himalayas that is difficult to find. Strangely enough, you might be surprised that a lot of folks have tried to locate this place. How obsessed can they be ?

Man is a dreamer. It is why he has lusted after the ability to remain young notwithstanding how long he lives. Even fictitious works of famed writers have received both audience and cult following, as a lot of folks begin to seek after the inventions that they came up with in their writings.

Leaders of women’s movements in the United States are amongst the most vocal concerning anti age actions. For the most part, what they preach counters the direction taken by gerontologists who think that there is something wrong with growing old. For instance, Betty Friedan’s book The Fountain of Youth paints positive outlooks on age and aging.

Senior citizens often find it difficult to cope when they have to be subjected to much of what gerontologists offer. Gerontologists paint aging and old age as an overall downward spiral speckled with loss of faculties and abilities, including a general trouncing of the quality of one’s life. This makes it harder for them to accept their age.

Preventing death is an ideal that has gone on for ages, and the failures man has endured in this field have eclipsed all the successes found in science and technology over the centuries. For some reason, a lot of folks just want to live on and on. And for some reason, they are unable to. Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. But they can slow down the aging process by doing certain things right – such as eating well and living well. You can slow down aging too if you know and do the right things.

Anti aging processes and functions help folks think along those lines, and promote the thinking of folks who are already thinking that way. Tissue engineering, and genetic engineering are the various means of manipulating human cells and tissues to prolong life. But whether they all work as effectively as hoped is another matter altogether.

If you are among those that continue to feel bad because they are now past fifties or sixties, I have some news for you. You don’t have to “look” fifty years or sixty years. Yes, you can “grow” old to fifty years or sixty years, but who says you must “look” it. A simple anti aging tip is to always dress as if you were still in your twenties or thirties and always have that smile of youth that you had when you were young. You will be surprised that you will begin looking as young as you “feel”, regardless of your age.

Anti aging is not only about the surgical processes that help you to re-energize your genes and tissues. It also involves the kinds of food you eat so that you do not age quite as rapidly as other folks around you.

You might find this hard to believe, but what you eat also has a say on how healthy you are, and how long you are likely to be able to stay alive. Some foods are really not all that healthy, and feeding on them implies that you might age rapidly, or die a bit too soon. So, take care of what and how you eat if you want to slow down your aging.

For you to be able to live longer, you have to be able to think longer. The experts have found that your body always responds to what your mind thinks, and this type of thinking is now being incorporated into the whole anti aging field. Individuals who are conditioned to think like they will be around forever end up living longer and looking younger. Didn’t the good book say “As a Man Thinketh, so is The Man?”

Perhaps the reason why there are so many folks hunting for solutions to old age is that of folks who go about painting negative pictures of this most fulfilling portion of one’s life. If say someone was able to think of it in a more positive light, one would not hate or fear it so much. Rather, one would accept it.

Older folks tend to be happier than younger ones. The younger you are, the less you have achieved, and the less happy you tend to be with your life. This was a secret unearthed by fames Dr. Daniel Mroczek of the United States in a survey.

Those people who seek to remain young forever are the most foolish of the lot. They live perpetually in denial, fearing the inevitable, yet being powerless to do anything about it. On the long run, they fail and end up living not so fulfilling old lives.

The percentage of happy folks in the United States goes up with each age bracket from below thirty years of age to the bracket of 68-77. Just less than 80 years old, up to 38% are content with what they have achieved in their lifetimes. This is how many less folks there will be, who worry about anti aging and life extension.

You can learn about folks who have lived long and healthy lives by studying those who have succeeded. You will find that most of them, rather than be chagrined by old age or be in constant worry over it, they simply ignored the syndrome and pressed on. Some even go as far as to welcome it, helping them to thus be happy as it comes.

There are reports of many folks who have lived longer than a hundred years. They are referred to as centenarians. Although there are claims of some who live beyond a hundred and thirty, or even more, the oldest documented record is of a woman, Jeanne Calment, who in France lived up to 122. Studying her life, there is sure to be a lot you can learn about old age.

While seeking knowledge of old age, the last person you want to be talking to is someone who is no older than yourself. What could they possibly tell you? You should strive to learn from someone much older, a centenarian, for instance. Someone who has not only aged well, but enjoyed it as well. You may then be able to embrace it.

Life extension is a popular subject in many circles in the United States today. But the question of why this is so remains something of a bother. With all the pain in the world, why would anyone desire to hang around much longer? You should welcome it when it comes upon you, not fight.

There are many old folks who grew (and still grow) to far-reaching ages in some remote villages. Some even well beyond 100 years old. However there is no documentation to verify the claims. All that we have is that of a French woman who saw 122 and died in 1997. She was Jeanne Calment.

The cure for old age is an obsession that has plagued generations for centuries. Starting as far back as in the time of the pharaohs, many students of the arts of healing deliberated over means and ways by which this enigma could be solved, but to no avail. Today, we are closer than ever before; and drawing closer still.

Scientists and alchemists have worked together for age, trying to find ways to reverse old age. The little successes they achieved were short lived, with the potions and lotions that they came up with. So they indulged in various types of eating and drinking, and injecting various substances into their bodies. All to no avail.
For ages, many attempts have been made to help man in his quest to defeat old age. Scientists and alchemists have attempted various cures through the use of potions and other strange things for consumption. Sometimes they drank, sometimes they ate. Sometimes they injected substances such as gold into their bodies. Their test subjects must have gone through virtual hell.

Can you imagine injecting your testicles with substance? Well, our fathers tried it! The ones who were obsessed with the mania of living forever. Needless to say, they failed then, and we are likely to fail again trying it now, no matter how close we seem to be.

In the attempt to find the ultimate solution to old age, one of the many actions that have been taken in the past was transplanting monkey gonads. This is aside from the use of the olive leaf by ancient Egyptians to find longevity and beautification, or the injection of gold into the bloodstream. Most of these failed in some way, but many see them as the mistakes of the past that light the way into the future.

The Egyptians, the Chinese and the British all have some connection into the quest for longevity and anti aging. There are many legends in their cultures that speak of all kinds of magical places that give life and rejuvenate youthfulness. This shows that the quest for life extension is indeed historical.

Signs of aging do have a way of growing on you. You never see them coming, but one day you wake up, and they are there. That is why you need to begin your anti aging processing early. The medication and exercises might not stop you from growing old, but they could at least keep you from looking it.

One reason celebrities look as good as they do, even after they have aged is anti aging. There are a lot of processes they undergo that help the process, but more often than not, the simpler, the better. And they come forth looking as good as ten years younger.

I know an amazing woman named Virginia. You’d never believe Virginia was sixty. She looks every bit the same age as her daughter Barbara, who is only twenty five years. It must be all of that anti aging that she is into. She might be on to something after all, don’t you think ? If you take the time to also find out the best anti aging technique for you, it’s possible that you too can look far younger than you really are.

Due to advancements in science, technology and medicine, humans can boast today of being closer to solving the death question than ever before. With anti aging, they can address means of re-engineering genes and tissues, so that you can live longer. More than that, you can also dare to contemplate reversing or slowing down your aging process. Ain’t that just wonderful ?

Have you ever observed how athletes tend to live longer and more illness free lives ? No ? Well, yes they do, and it is because they were athletes. Something about the exercise they did back in their youthful days did something to their bodies that makes them age slower. What better form of anti aging do you need ?

A face lift might be considered in some sense to be an anti aging process. The lines on your face can be removed by surgical process so that you look several years below your age. However, it does not reverse your aging process, or even slow it. You only look different. But that’s very okay for lots of folks, especially the females. I certainly like it too – a chance to look many years younger is awesome.

There are a wide variety of anti aging techniques and methods that work for lots of folks. The best method is exercise, but who wants to go to all that trouble? You can have a surgery done on you that will give you your desired results in days and not years, or you could buy as cream or lotion that will do wonders to your wrinkles.

How you look and feel when you are old is a product or function of what you do with your life as you age. And if you are hoping to live longer, you certainly ought to have taken a few very wise steps along the way. But you might be surprised how many folks actually want to eat their cakes and have it. They want to live their lives however they feel like, yet still live many years longer. Funny. If you want to look young even when you are old, start early to take good care of yourself- the kind of food you eat and the kind of live you live.

You can age without looking or feeling it. What you need is anti aging. Reversing tissue destruction, re-engineering gene construction and practically shaving off the years. Many hope these different anti aging methods will make them live forever. But let’s take it one step at a time, shall we ? Yes, it can help you look younger than you are, but it certainly can’t make you life forever.

How can we claim to be battling old age and death when we bring it upon our own heads both day and night ? How can we hope to eat our cake and have it ? As long as we continue to pollute this earth, we are bound to have newer diseases to battle. And no matter how many of them we overcome, we still will not live to see a hundred because there already is another that is ready to smother the very life out of us.

There are numerous bodies and associations in the United States today that delve deeply into anti aging practices, information and education. Two of the most prominent and renowned are the Life Extension Foundation, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. The former focuses on research as well as taking various measures that enhance and supplement feeding. The latter is focused on treating ailments that come with age, employing experts and physicians in the anti aging field.

There are a great quantity of things that the world is yet to know about life extension and anti aging. However, you might be surprised at what is already known by professionals today. You can pick up a journal for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine or the Life Extension Foundation, both in the United States of America. You will then learn about cutting edge technology and processes that you never thought possible.

Andrew Weil is a body in the United States that centers its attention on alternative medicine, holistic health, and herbal supplements for the purpose of life extension. The work done by this academy compliments much of what is carried out by the Life Extension Foundation, or the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. This is not to say, though, that there are not ports of difference.

Even though alternative medicine has been much neglected in the past, folks are coming to realize its importance and thus accord it its rightful place in contemporary times. The Andrew Weil Center in America focuses much attention on this, as well as herbal medical supplements and holistic health.

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing and Andrew Weil, both in America work extensively on life extension and anti aging. The latter puts much focus on alternative medicine, holistic health, and herbal supplements. It teaches and experiments on integrating Eastern and Western medicine to solve problems associated with aging. The former, however, is a stickler for mind-body medicine.

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