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Choosing the right female vibrator to suit you can be a grueling and daunting task. Unless youíve had experiencing with vibrators before, how do you be aware of which one to buy? You stroll into an adult shop and are bombarded with 50 different kinds of vibrators, all ranging with assorted colours, brands, gimmicks and pricing. Which female vibrators ought to you choose?

Through market research and testing on many female vibrators for pricing, durability and effectiveness, it all comes down to a straight forward list of the 4 best on the market today. The aim is to assign you with the most preferred and reliable choice of female vibrators preferred by great quantities and thousands and hundreds and hundreds of women around the world.

The 4 vibrators chosen were the iVibe Rabbit vibrator as the most preferred, followed by the Japanese Pearl Boy, the Eclipse Ultra 7 Series and the very pleasurable Muffin Mucker.

The iVibe Rabbit vibrator scored the highest points for its cost range. The iVibe Rabbit as seen on ìSex in Cityî has become very popular amongst adult toy consumers and is the biggest selling vibrators in female history. The iVibe Rabbit itself is extremely unique, it comes in various colours, red, pink, blue and has a built-in pc chip that controls many functions. The vibrator is extremely user friendly and has an extremely organic, soft and natural feel.

The next popular female vibrator on the market for its cost range is the Pearl Boy. Manufactured in Japan, this vibrator has durability and quality written all over it. Its functionality is very varied and has a few functions available, making it a real favourite. The gadget is quiet, powerful and smooth, filling the top qualities looked for by women.

A definite best seller, the Eclipse Ultra 7 series never fails to please. It retails at a cool cost making it huge value for money. It comes with quite a few features including multi-speed spinning metal beads and a multi-speed rotating shaft for great stimulations. The Eclipse also has a ìglow in the darkî interface, enormous for those intimate moments at night.

Finally, the persist vibrator on the list has been on the market for a number of years and continues to out sell a lot of opponents. This is a favourite amongst women. The Muffin Mucker offers simultaneous joy by the use of a simulator and a long rotating shaft. The vibrator is also equipped with a multi-speed massage controller for huge relaxation.

The 4 vibrators described above will suite any man or woman for all budgets. Whether youíre shopping for features, performance or price, you can be sure that you will be deciding to buy the best in female vibrators. There are many vendors of the product who furnish rock bottom prices. For more information, please visit Female Vibrators.

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