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Health Benefits of Onions

There are plenty of health benefits from onions so if you appreciate them to snack on or to cook with feel free to continue doing so. There are diverse kinds of antioxidants found in onions that can facilitate to boost your immune system. Some research has shown they also help to fight against diabetes, heart disease, and some kinds of cancers. Onions contain vast amounts of chromium and Vitamin C that your body needs as well.

In recent studies, men and women with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels have been able to substantially reduce those numbers. All they did was add onions to their diet daily for 30 days. Of course there is some controversy about the validity of such test effects. This is due to some women and men making other changes too that could tale for their blood pressure and cholesterol dropping.

One of the most recent finds as to the health benefits of onions is for women. They often have to bear unpleasantness from osteoporosis due to not enough calcium as they get older. There have been tests to show that consuming onions can aid a woman to offset the consequences of osteoporosis.

In some cultures, onions are a staple in a type of broth. This is served to those that have suffered from malnutrition. It is also given to those that are in the process of recovering from intense and serious ailments or broken bones. They believe there are prosperities in onions that will help to promote the healing process.

In the early days, onions were given to women and men with colds, bronchitis, and even asthma. Many men and women still believe in these home remedies and they use them instead of deciding to buy over the counter medications or prescription drugs. It may sound silly to some men and women but for those that have gotten benefits it is the only way they will use.

Some of the different health benefits of onions have yet to be proven. There is still plenty of research that needs to be completed in order to confirm or deny such claims. Yet what is known is that onion is a vegetable that is both delicious and is good for you. so therefore you ought to be eating it as you wish without any worries about it.

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