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Hepa filters are very powerful air cleaning systems available for home use. They are used in hospitals and doctors suggest them above other air filtration systems for patients with asthma or intense and serious allergies. They aren’t energy efficient for entire house filtration systems due to the amount of energy needed to run them. For this reason, most are intended to work in one space. You may require to buy one for the bedroom and one other for the living area.

Hepa is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. This way is more effective at removing tiny particles from the air than any other filtration media. They can be used alone in an air cleaner or mixed with one other method, such as an electrostatic air cleanser. These filters are sometimes used on another appliance, such as a vacuum cleaner or humidifiers in cold weather or a dry climate.

Effectiveness of Hepa Filters

The effectiveness of a filter is measured by the size of the particles it can remove from the air. This is stated in microns. The smaller the number, the more particles will be removed from your air. In general, you ought to look for a filter that will remove 99.97% of all particles 0.1 microns or larger.

These filters remove a wide variety of contaminants from the air. They are extremely effective at removing dust mites and pet dander, which are two extremely common allergens in homes. They also decrease smoke, pollen and mold spores from the air.

For the air cleaning system to be effective, it needs to fit the room. Most air cleanser models are marked for the number of square feet they cover. Find out the square footage of the space where you intend to use the cleanser before you go shopping. Choose one that works for a slightly larger area for best results. For example, if the room is 300 square feet, appear for a system that will alleviate 400 square feet. A purifier that works for only 300 square feet will be less effective at removing all the particles in your air.

In most cases, these filters are disposable. For the system to be effective, the filter must be changed as needed. follow the directions from the manufacturer for how often it needs to be changed. The more the air cleaner is used, the more the filters will require to be changed. In general, you will require to vary it each three to six months.

Hepa Vacuum Cleaners

If you have an air cleaner, but you use a traditional vacuum cleaner, the air won’t be as clean as you would like. Dust and other particles in the carpet is kicked up into the air by vacuuming. This causes more irritants in the air for you to breathe. Hepa filters are being used in vacuum cleaners. The filter traps particles inside, leaving fewer irritants in the air.

Some vacuum cleaners use a single filter, at the same time as others use multi-stage or multiple filters. These filters are cleanable and require to be replaced yearly. For the system to be effective, you ought to look for a filter that is able of catching tiny particles. When replacing filters, make certain to purchase the correct size for your vacuum. I hope you learned something useful here today.

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