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Lots of couples exclude themselves from talking about sexuality and their sex lives. Some are shy at the same time as others are reluctant to speak about this issue with their significant others. This approach to sexuality can result in destroyed marriages. Sexuality is one of the key components in having a healthy marriage. Sex is not just about satisfying every other’s libido or sexual desires. More than that, it relates to and emphasizes effective communication and intimacy. Both partners ought to look forward to an entirely satisfying sex life along with the emotional aspect that it delivers.

According to many health and marriage experts, it is ordinary for couples to encounter difficulties in their sexual relationship. Some of the typical issues couples may encounter are boredom, lack of intimacy, low sexual desires, and lack of passion in sex. another cause may be the failure of one partner to perform according to the expectations of the other party.

Some wives claim that they often feel rejected when their husbands lack intimacy. Some of these sexual disorders take a toll on the emotional and physical condition of women and men. There are folks who gained weight and lost their self-esteem in part due to poor sexual lives. On the contrary, women and men who reportedly had bubbly sex lives had become happier and nearer to their partners. Robert Holden, a physician who specializes on emotional health, says that sexual intercourse is not just an act of lust, but a form of communication and intimacy. He said that, “…one of the big mistakes we make in relationships is that we don’t give our best energy to the men and women that matter most. And I think that people ought to make time to be capable to give some of your best energy to each other.”

But what if one of the parties involved, especially the men, fail to perform? specialists advise men who have difficulty in their sexual performance to check and amend their lifestyle. Health specialists think that one’s lifestyle— including food intake, daily work and domestic routines, and level of physical fitness all play a position to determine a person’s sexual health. They also believe that alcohol ought to be taken moderately since it is one of the predominant causes of sexual problems including impotence (erectile dysfunction) and premature ejaculation. A learn about on 17,000 alcoholic men revealed that after countless years of zero alcohol intake, at least 50 percent of the respondents regained their standard erectile functions while the other 50% partially or completely achieved erection.

High blood pressure is also a major cause of erectile dysfunction. A study published in the Journal of Urology in 2000 showed that 68% of men with high blood pressure old 40-79 experienced erectile dysfunction at one time or another. At least 45% of these situations were thought of as intense and serious erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs because high blood pressure keeps the arteries that carry blood to the penis to dilate. This causes the smooth muscles in the penis to decrease its capability to relax, leading to inadequate blood flow to the penis that hinders the erection of the penis. In addition, high blood pressure in men may lead to low testosterone level. Testosterone is the male hormone that plays a vital role in the male sexual arousal. Cigarette smoking and consumption of fatty foods are the leading causes of high cholesterol, which leads to high blood pressure.

Health specialists advise individuals to exercise and undergo other physical activities. These activities in any case should be done moderately to keep away from over-training. Clinical studies show that appropriate exercise may enable the body to produce more testosterone. Additionally, a substance named endorphin is produced when people exercise. These endorphins gives periods of relaxation and bliss and relieve people who exercise of the stress and anxiety that they experience.

Over-training, however, is one factor that is considered to contribute to sterility. An investigation by health experts revealed that over-training causes fatigue, which then temporarily reduces sperm count and affects its quality. Specialists say that this happens because the body literally “kills” itself during training. To build muscles and amend the body, it needs to recuperate to achieve normal cell development. Intense physical activities may decrease the level of hormones in the bloodstream that affects sperm production. Medical experts believe that sperm levels return to nearly normal after about 3 days. They added that drinking coffee after a few hours of training may preserve sperm quality because of the antioxidants that are found in caffeine.

Studies have proven that repeating sex between married couples lowers feelings of insecurity and boosts the level of commitment. The entire process deepens their physical intimacy and strengthens their bond of really like a lot. Understanding sex between married partners may lead to enhanced and fruitful marriages. Openness, willingness to experiment, and mutual conviction should be the cornerstones of a healthy, active sex life between married couples. The bottom line is that love is supposed to be fun and intriguing !

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