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Everyone has that buddy who was pumped about anything that had to do with a home theater system. They are commonly tech addicts who always have the latest gadgetry. My buddy is riding the home movie theater wave and must have dropped 5 or six thousand dollars into all of aspects that he bought for his system. He started even before he had a house and so he had it all set up in his bedroom at his parents. And Iíve got to hand it to him, his system had some serious power.

The sound from the speakers was big enough that graphics would fall off the walls upstairs if he wasnít careful. anyway you have to laugh when you listen what he finally did put it in when he got his own placeóan efficiency apartment in downtown Chicago. I am here to tell you that this was the best movie going experience ever given by a man with a tiny internal municipality apartment. Sitting on the couch at the same time as the movie blasted on the enormous screen that engulfed one entire wall of the apartment was as close by to real as you could hope for.

Well enough about my friend, what I am really here to talk about in this article is the fact that you desire a new home theater for your home and you desire to be aware of the basics about what to get and how to be aware of it is good. My guess too is that you are not as in to loud action/thriller type movies like you used to be and so therefore you just want a straight up system that gives you the best that the digital music sound has to provide and lets you have it high or low depending on your mood and the movie.

So it at least needs a DVD player because the tape deck is out. Other most recent and cooler things are wireless receivers and little ports where you can plug in your ipod and play movies on your home theater system off of that. Talk about an all in one digital media collection! So what about speakers and other aspects like projectors?

Speakers are without a doubt one of the most important things in a home theater system as they produce whatever sound you are going to listen. So this is where you probably have to be willing to lay down some serious cash. For most folks the middle of the line in quality is good enough (they wonít be capable to tell the difference between these and the top of the line) but these will still run you any place from one to two thousand with installation and all that.


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