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Ah, vacation…

With any luck, you’re a mompreneur who has created the right systems and support to allow you to get away from it all now and then. You pulled off the miracle of planning, prepping and packing for weeks (even though you were only gone for 4 days). You negotiated a sweet deal that even your budget-conscious husband approved. And you kept the youngsters from whining (some of the time). Mom, you deserve a medal!

But returning home can be tough. There’s the laundry. The grocery shopping. Getting the children back into all their activities. And then there’s your small business. The emails. The Social Media. The phone messages. As a busy mom entrepreneur, you need some success strategies to make recovering from vacation a breeze. I’ll give you five!

Mompreneur Tip #1:  Before you go for vacation, set yourself up for success by making sure that you communication your absence to your clients, customers, team, family and friends. Setting expectations ahead of time will reduce the rush of follow-ups when you return. An “out of office” notice on voicemail and email that states when you’ll be returning messages really helps.

Mompreneur Tip #2: If possible, wash all your dirty laundry wherever you are, so that you return home with clean clothes you can quickly put away. This has made a great difference in how I feel after vacation. When there isn’t a mountain of dirty laundry to get through, I can unpack quickly (with the kids’ help).

Mompreneur Tip #3: Clear your calendar for a day or two after you return. Don’t schedule client meetings, important interviews, or other deadlines for the 1st two of a kind of days back in the office. It’s way too stressful to manage when your head is probably back on the beach (or wherever you were on vacation). A couple of days to change makes a vast difference.

Mompreneur Tip #4: When grocery shopping, buy a “meal starter” of some sort, like rotisserie chicken, so you have at least one dinner that’s almost done for you. Add a salad or some cut up fruit and bread, and you have an easy meal you don’t have to sweat over to prepare.

Mompreneur Tip #5: Use a productivity model to handle the follow-ups/catch-ups required for your email, Social Media and voicemail. Sort through them and figure out what is Urgent/Important/To Be Handled During Business Hours, and handle those 1st. This is why you cleared your calendar in the 1st place. Next, see what you can delegate to someone else (your VA, your team, your family, etc.) and mark those off your list after you delegate them. For the things you must do, but that aren’t urgent/important, schedule them on your calendar so you’ll be aware of when you can get them done.

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