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Power tools are vital items in any good woodworking work shop. Jet power tools furnish excellent quality for your cash. This company offers a full line of power tools for the handyman to supply any workshop. Check out all the available tools to find what you require for your work shop.

Jet Power Tools: A Sturdy Jet Lathe

These versatile lathes are easy to construct and come with good guidelines. Depending on the lathe you choose, they come with additional tools as a bonus. Some come with an 8 portion chisel set or other hand tools. This enables save you cash when you are setting up your workshop. Even if you already own chisels, they are used a lot and you can never have too many.

Great features of a Jet Lathe:

o A wide range of speed, from 550 to 3000 rpm, with 6 assorted speed settings

o 35” distance between centers. This immense ability makes this a versatile machine for a variety of projects.

o ¾ horsepower motor, with plenty of power

o 12” swing over bed

Table Saws

A Jet table saw is a good, exact tool these saws have plenty of power for any home wood working shop. Depending on the model, you will get a 3 to 5 horsepower motor. The fence will be between 30 and 50 inches. Setting it up is relatively easy. They come with good guidelines for assembly. You will require to substitute the blade periodically, but these saws will endure for many years.


o Suspended motor drive mechanism
o Blade protect and anti kick back for safe operation
o Dust collection insert for a suction hose to control dust in your workshop
o Contoured cross section on the rail to augment the surface area
o Dual push buttons, with the begin button designed to prevent it from accidentally being started
o The fence locks securely onto the forward rail

Other Jet Tools

Jet planers are available in untie and close stand styles as well as portable planers. They are made of cast iron and steel for stability and durability. These planers have a 3 horsepower, fan cooled motor. Other features include a 4 inch dust chute, extension rollers and magnetic controls. The table adjusts without difficulty on these planers, making them versatile.

Jet’s floor mount drill exhort has a ¾ horsepower motor and either twelve of sixteen speeds, depending on the model. A thirteen inch table diameter lets in plenty of work space. Other features include 40 5 degree tilting with a rapid unwrap clamp.

The Jet bench mount drill exhort has sixteen speeds ranging from 200 to 3630 rpm. A 10 by 13 inch work area, gives plenty of space for working. This drill exhort has plenty of power with a ¾ horsepower motor. Building your workshop with quality power tools has never been easier, with Jet tools.

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