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Regardless if you are a parent who is buying a toy for your own little boy or girl – or you’re buying for someone else’s little one this year, you ought to be aware of what the hottest trends are in the toy department so that your gift recipient is sure to get lots of joy from it.

#1 – This November, Hunger Games 2 is scheduled to be played in movie theaters nationwide. That means Katniss and her accessories are going to play an important role.

You can buy your little one a Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow that lets them pretend they’re the star of the second movie in the series – Catching Fire. This toy has foam darts that blast up to 75 feet away. has the lowest prices on any toys you want to buy this Christmas.

#2 – Barbie’s new Digital Dress is what each little girl wishes her future was like. With the straight forward push of a button, your tiny tot can adjust Barbie’s outfit. It’s a neat LED dress and your daughter can choose a built in graphic design or customize it utilizing her own creativity.

The dress’s graphic design can go to music – or even your child’s voice. She can use her finger or a stylus to set the design up and then watch as it lights up and matches Barbie’s always-perfect accessories, too.

#3 – When it comes to lovable fake animals that we give our kids, nothing will beat out the FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggle Monkey this year. It’s an interactive monkey that’s really adorable, funny and cute.

Not only is she responsive to your child, but she’s extremely giggly – and that’s contagious for your kids! When your tiny tot makes her go upside down, the monkey senses it and response. When it’s put to bed, it closes its eyes and is going to sleep. This is a toy that will be at the top of many lists for Santa Claus this year!

#4 – The FirstBIKE Street Bike is a really exclusive kind of 1st bicycle for kids – and it’s a the best option present to be left out below the tree this Christmas! This is the bike tots need to begin learning to ride on.

You can change the height so it grows with your little one. It’s a bike with no training wheels – so this is the version they use before they get on a real bike and become aware of how to ride it.

#5 – Children really love laser games – and this is an awesome new board game made with lasers that challenges your child’s brain. It has levels from apprentice all the way to expert stats.

This is a single player game where you are able to choose a challenge card based on difficulty. Then you set up the board as shown on the card and try to role the token so that the laser lights it up correctly. There are various tokens that include the laser, checkpoints, targets, mirrors, splitters, and much more (the fun lasts for hours).

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