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A lot of women and men are disenfranchised with life in America in 2013. Can you blame them ? American society used to be a pleasant place, but now it’s been reduced to women and men struggling to get by and a few who just desire to be left alone.

You can’t take an animal, living in freedom, and expect it to be glad in a zoo, no matter how sullen it’s circumstances. Nor can you take a human who enjoys his sovereignty and expect him to be glad living in a monkey cage (homeless facility).

Being a war vet, I comprehend this man completely. He has lived a life of ill-fortune and bad choices, but he continued to make those choices and didn’t really hurt anyone. He was morose and now he is more depressed. I don’t be aware of how much more glum things can get for him, but right now, I’m certain that he is the most sad man on earth.

I pray he gets a good life in heaven.

Do not make the false assumption that all homeless individuals are illiterate and mentally ill.

I was homeless and I am college educated and sane. I chose to stay with a family member after the job I had ended and the unemployment stopped. I would cry myself to sleep each night because of the way I was treated.

If I had had a car, faith me, I would have rather slept in that and been at peace than stayed with the
family member.
When I finally did get a place of my own it had roaches and bed bugs but it was all I could afford.
The “step by step” thing you talked about ? Live it before you preach it to someone else.

What you say is not true. I am homeless and the reason I don’t desire to go to a shelter is that it is dirty
and feels just as unsafe. Instead of sharing a cramped jail-like shelter area with too many other women and men

and not even be guaranteed spots it is nicer to be aware of how to find one of my own. I imagine if you had to
live with a bunch of other folks you’d get ill of it as you get older too. It is not any simpler living in
a shelter than outside. (Having been to both). They are not exactly kindly hotel rooms

If you are homeless and have the capability to have laptop access there are things you can get to on a laptop to facilitate you get shelter and food. You are obviously intelligent and articulate. I be aware of being homeless makes job searches and getting assistance hard because you don’t have a permanent address. Go to the social services office and ask for aid. Get them to facilitate you get shelter and and a permanent address so that you can get a job and get back on your feet.
I be aware of what you are talking about with shelters. folks will steal from you and threaten you. There is a lot of ailment in them. And you are right, most turn you out during the day and you have to wait in lines at night to see if you get a bed. There is hope for you and a safe place to sleep. Good luck.

May I add something, since i deal w/ these folks loads of instances a week ?

Since the government allowed taxpayer funding to go to churches to heal mental health, substance abuse, etc., more and more folks needing facilitate are staying away. Prostitutes who’s customers are self-proclaimed pillars of church and community, addicts who sell/do drugs w/ born-agains realize hypocrisy and will have nothing to do w/ church affiliated services.

I pay attention their stories because I am an atheist and don’t preach or judge them. I break rules and regulations, such as deciding to buy them food w/ my own cash and expect nothing from them – not expecting them, like puppets, to acclaim a non-existent omniscient authority figure or a promise to go to church. I assign words of encouragement then go away as soon and as anonymously as possible. And guess what ? It seems to go a lot further-occasionally these folks look me up years later and thank me for treating them equally as an an adult human being, which gave them the potency to take that 1st step on their own.

There are few places in the planet where you can just be left alone to live as you choose.
If you have something, the government is going out of it’s way to take as much as they can.

If all you have is cardboard and wash rags, that will be taken too. The globe is too much for some individuals to handle without alcohol or drugs and no matter if shelters are available, some folks just desire to be left alone to live as they choose – not an easy thing anyway whether you own a house or just some cardboard.

The plight of the homeless is so sad…..and scary because it could occur to anyone of us. When I lived in FL there were vast “tent cities” in the jungles of Titusville.

A lot of these people used to have standard lives and good paying jobs with homes and families.

Homelessness is starting to be more and more rampant in America in 2013. Pray it never happens to you and me.


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