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The systems idea is extremely cool, and the position is going to be really HOT! Iím talking about a company that at present designs hydration packs, and will soon be releasing a revolutionary outdoor hydration system into the outdoor gear market!

This pack incorporates the standard hydrating backpack style and features with an additional heating component to keep your valuable water foundation from freezing during outdoor cold temperatures! The only problem is that you will have to wait until September 2006 to get one, but thatís ok, because it can be in your grasp and ready to use before the next cold winter arrives.

There must have been some real feedback and much concept put into this hydration system, and for the extreme winter adventure seeker, this added feature just might be the difference in staying fully hydrated, versus getting dehydrated during extremely cold temperatures outside that can freeze hoses on current traditional hydration packs.

If your reservoir tube freezes during your mountain hike, or long tundra expeditions, this can be a great deficit to your health, and obviously many backpacks that at present offer limited insulation may not be enough to give you that peace-of-mind under less warm conditions.

You ought to always feel confident that your backpacking system is going to work properly, and be there for you during the times you need it most. When you happen to be mountain climbing, and the outdoor weather changes for the worse, having the right outdoor hydration gear will allow you to focus on your sport in hand, and not where your going to find a secondary water groundwork.

<b>Ok, You Gave Us The Exciting Outdoor Features, But Who Is Making This Pack? </b>

If you donít be aware of who is releasing this new heated backpack, youíre going to have to read my next article! Even even though I was very excited to put pen to paper about this uncovering, I didnít want this to sound like a product sales pitch, or a press release, and that is why I didnít list the company name here.

However, I will give you a little more detail on the features, and then if youíre as excited about this new backpack product as I am, you can stick to my next article through my Author bio relation below to see which company has designed this pack, and how you may get your hands on one of them this fall.

The heated hydration system is a straight forward to use hydration backpack that includes a combination of thermal and insulation technology. With this system it lets in the water in your back to maintain itís liquidity for approximately 20 hours at a temperature of 15 degrees Ferenhiet (10 degrees Celcius).

Itís a fact that many outdoor athletes at some point find themselves in the middle of harsh winter conditions, and many snowboarding and skiers can attest to this. The mountains have a way of changing its weather attitude very quickly, but that doesnít slow the athlete down, the equipment that fails them is the reason for their short-lived activity for the day!

So having a backpack with an vigorous heating system that is powered in combination with AA batteries, and insulated drinking tube cover, gives this pack system the capability to grant water in a drinkable state at all times. With the additional sensor monitor, you can with no trouble keep informed on the functionality, and if the monitor sense the hose is about to freeze, this information is passed through the system analysis, and turns on to prevent the liquid from freezing.

There are other added features that aid in keeping your water flowing, and when you hit the cold winter tundra, Iím sure you will be joyous you have one of these packs on your back. If you would like to find out whoís making this incredible product, and get more backpack information, I encourage you to click on my link below for the second part of this article:


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