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Metal detecting is a fun hobby for adults, but it’s also fun for the youngsters. Now, with the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector, tots can participate in the searches for treasure, too !

Since the detector doesn’t weigh much and it has an ergonomic handle, it’s super easy for offspring of all ages to use. The Bounty Hunter BHJS is a big apprentice metal detector for tots – even if they’ve never used one before. It’s like an adult version, yet scaled down and made easier so that tots can rapidly comprehend how to use it.

The detector has plenty of ability to come across finds. It has the power to find treasure no matter what type of soil the little lad is searching in. Whether at the beach or at home in the backyard, the detector can find anything made of metal.

This model has a lot of sensitivity, which lets in the tool to recognize items buried underneath the soil – even if those items are the size of a coin. For these smaller items, the detector can stumble on them in up to 5 inches under ground.

That capacity to find treasures extends if the treasure items are bigger. The detector can pick up the location of those bigger items even up to 3 feet under the ground.

The features of the BHJS model include and indicator meter with numbered strength levels to show kids whether the signal is strong or not. If the signal is strong, it’s an indicator of a good find. The nearer the user gets to the treasure, the stronger the signal becomes. kids will be capable to read the signal by the easy to see area on the target indicator that’s shaded bright green.

Like the adult metal detectors, this little lad model also has Discrimination control. This feature will ignore the soil’s iron blissful as well as worthless objects and will focus only on the good finds.

The Bounty Hunter junior model is sturdy and offspring get the hang of utilizing it fast because it doesn’t have a lot of dials to figure out. The detector has just two dials for indicating treasure.

It’s so straight forward that even kids 5 years old can handle the detector. Even even even though this is a junior detector, some adults do use the detector as well. The detector is kid sized at 10 x 9 x 57 inches. It’s powered by 9v batteries and has a battery tester as an additional accessory. The detector comes with a one-year warranty.

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