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For the hobbyist who enjoys searching for hidden treasures or for the more serious detector enthusiast, the Garret 1139070 Ace 250 Metal Detector has plenty of features to bestow for both fun and profit.

The Garret is one of the most popular metal detectors and the features are for sure a contributing factor for its popularity. Whatever you’re searching for – big or tiny – with the advanced settings of the Garret, you won’t have any trouble locating it.

With an easy to hold handle that’s comfortable for long or short searches, users will be capable to guide the detector with no trouble over any terrain. The Touch-N-Go Technology makes it fast to get going.

Users merely exhort the wide yellow power button and are ready to get going on their search. The controls on the larger detector head can narrow your search to spot on finds. On the face of the operating system, you can customize each search or use the pre-selected options.

The machine can narrow your search according to whichever metal you’re looking for – such as silver or bronze as well as gold and more. It even breaks down the finds into cash denominations for a tighter, more specific search.

When you want to stumble on specific items, you just select the mode. By scrolling through the mode, users can choose from coins, all-metal, relics, jewelry or even customize a selection.

The electronic display is wide and easy to read on the LCD screen. The coin depth feature range is from 2 inches all the way to 8 inches. Many users find multiple amounts of coins each time the detector is used and the detector can search on dry or damp ground without affecting the search mode or the detector coil.

The Discrimination feature will let users filter out unwanted finds so that they can focus on the items they do crave. The Sensitivity feature is controlled by the plus or minus end of the button.

The detector’s pinpoint feature will let you pay attention when you’ve positioned a find. The Garret has tones that will alert you with varied sounds for different metals. every tone is extremely noticeable and distinct, so you won’t ever have trouble hearing the difference.

The Garret comes with a DVD showing users how to get the most from the many features available with this detector. You’ll also receive a detailed owner’s manual and a stand for the detector. A strap comes with the order, making it handy to use around the wrist. The batteries to employ the model are also included and the detector comes with a two year warranty.

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