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Nothing signifies holiday season more than new video game new releases. Regardless if you are talking about the brand new consoles hitting the market or the games themselves, it always happens right around the Christmas season.

This year, just in time for the fall season of 2013, you have lots of diverse new games hitting the shelves.

#1 – Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be one of the bestsellers in 2013. Gamers get a new COD universe to play in where devastation has already occurred and now it’s just a game of survival with a new set of characters – including the one you customize as your own.

The “ghosts” in this COD game are a special ops crew who are trying to battle a new global superpower that’s cropping up. Like the others in this franchise, the pix are stunning and fans will be pleased at how realistic it all looks.

#2 – The Batman: Arkham Origins game comes out in 2013, too. This Batman is not the focused, experienced superhero you grew up with – it’s young and not yet committed to his future superhero status.

Fans of this storyline will have fun with seeing Gotham metropolis back in its heyday – before the evil villains got ahold of it and ruled its citizens. As Batman, you’ll be meeting important characters and sealing your relationship with them for your future interaction.

#3 – Battlefield 4 is on the horizon this year. You’ll be fighting for victory on gun boats, in buildings, and more. Your 1st task? To rescue some American VIPs in Shanghai and get your troops home.

#4 – Grand Theft Auto 5 is one in a series that’s always popular with lively gamers. They’re going to really like a lot this release, which features the city of Los Santos – and it’s the biggest open world that Rockstar has released up to this time.

Not only do you get to be one character – but you can toggle between characters to see what the POV is among all individuals involved in a situation. You get to be the 3 lead characters – Franklin, Michael, and Trevor – all criminals trying to achieve their own wicked form of success. These aren’t petty criminals, either – they’re interested in major heists.

#5 – Diablo III is ranking as one of the top pre-release video games on the market. Your character is heading back to the origins of the franchise – to Tristram, amid what appears to be the end times.

You can choose to play either solitarily as a witch or demon hunter, a wizard, a barbarian, or a monk – or, set up alliances with other gamers. As you level up, you acquire new abilities in the game.

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