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An astonishing selection is what awaits users who buy the SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine. This machine has an awesome 600 stitch patterns that come with the machine, which will give you something for each project you can imagine.

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But that’s only the tip of the iceberg for the features offered by the Singer 9960. 5 alphanumeric fonts are included and it has more buttonhole options than many other machines.

With 13 one step buttonholes, creating the buttonhole you crave is rapid and easy. With this feature, buttonholes are created in a way that keeps the fabric from bunching up so you get the best option buttonholes each time.

One of the top features that this machine has that many don’t is a buttonhole underplate. That’s a tool that will make buttonholes through more than one layer of fabric. another super handy feature is the automatic thread cutter.

This thread cutter cuts both top and bottom thread at the same time, so no straggles are left behind. When you stack up the features this machine has, it comes out way ahead of other machines.

To guide you into finding the right stitch to us, the machine gives users a stitch reference chart positioned right on the front of the machine. This way, you can halt the guesswork with stitching and concentrate on the project instead.

The machine has the capacity to put out 850 stitches per minute which is pretty darned fast but when you’re working with something like a silky fabric, you desire a slower speed and the machine offers that too with its slow sewing speed feature.

The needle threader makes it a breeze to get started every time you want to use the machine. The machine has an attachable extension table and this component is removable for when you aren’t working on the larger projects. But if you’re going to be sewing a blanket, then this component is a handy piece to use.

The computerized Digital info Advisor is one of the biggest facilitates for beginners or advanced sewers. What this handy tool can do for users is to let them realize which presser foot ought to be used with the project.

But it also lets sewers realize the best stitches to use for the project. It will even give the best stitch pattern. Users can set the program on the machine so that the needle comes to rest in either an up or down position, which makes it simpler to turn the material you’re working with.

This machine has so many features that are grand for sewers. It has the horizontal threading, which means you spend more time sewing less time having to rethread the machine.

You’ll get 25 needle positions and it has twin needle capability. One of the principal pluses too with this machine is that it offers an blunder warning alert. When a fallacy is made, the machine will let you know.

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