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When I get a golf club in my hand, I get that feeling of wanting to knock the cover off the ball. It feels good to put all of my potency into hitting the ball. Just hitting the ball as hard as I can does not mean that I play good golf though.

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If you just require to relieve a little stress, then swinging with all your potency may achieve your goals. However, if you crave to play golf well, then you are going to have to grip back on the power a little.

One of the most repeating mistakes is to swing the golf club too hard. A hard swing shows that you have power, but accuracy is the name of the game in golf.

You require to calm down when you are swinging. This will facilitate you swing comfortably and will assist to decrease your power. If you put your feet nearer together, then you can further decrease the potency of your swing. Tensing up will also cause you to use too much exertion.

Your center of gravity is also extremely important. Keep your center of gravity the same and your head will stay still. If you keep both of your feet in the same role in the time of your swing, then your center of gravity will be stable.

If you jerk your body then your head will propel and you will not be capable to focus on the ball. This can also amend your center of gravity. It is imperative that you keep your feet planted so that all your weight will be concentrated in your feet when you make contact with the ball.

Expending extremely little exertion ought to be your aim. If you hit the ball correctly, then it will feel smooth and easy.

Don’t uptight up when you are about to make contact with the ball. If you edgy up, your balance will be thrown off. You desire the club head to move in a straight line to make contact with the ball.

To facilitate correct slicing, see how centered you can hit the ball with your club and how low you can send the ball. If you send the ball too high, it gets into the wind and can go left or right on rough ground.

You desire to only use the amount of power that you are capable to control. The aim of the game is not power, but accuracy. You crave to be capable to control each facet of your swing so that you hit the ball cleanly and it is going where you desire it to go.

The distance will come from your clean and correct swing, not how much power that you put into it.

You crave to try to gradually augment your speed during your swing until you connect with the ball solidly. If you do not have a smooth swing, then you are pulling your hands somewhere during the swing. Keep your head as still as you would if you had a glass of water balanced on top of it. This will facilitate to modify your swing and assist you to swing more smoothly and fluidly.

Swing at a decent enough speed to keep yourself from growing to be apprehensive and stiff. Don’t swing too slowly or so hard that you feel the exertion of the swing. Stay relaxed.

Try to keep the concept of power out of your head. Keeping your power below control so that you can be more exact is what counts!

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