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What is the best suited golfing trip? Clearly, it will be diverse for everybody.

For some golfers the most suitable outing would be going to a predominant course and getting to play on it, knowing professional golfers
had walked and played over these same greens. What golfer would not crave to play the course where the Master\rquote s or U.S.
Open is held? Most would slay (figuratively speaking) for the chance. These are courses where legends have played – players
such as Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods.

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For others, though, best suited golfing is not so much where they play as what it is like when they play i.e. the weather conditions.
Some golfers prefer a day with mild temperatures and a light breeze to aid keep them cool, at the same time as others desire a challenge and
will go to the extremes weather-wise. There are those who will play when the temperature hits triple digits or drops well
below freezing, just to see how well they play below these extreme circumstances.

And, there are golfers who will play in the snow and at night. There are some specially designed golf balls created for these
golfers. The night players can chase their glow-in-the-dark golf balls all over the course, but require to take a flashlight to
prevent running into a tree or some other peril on the course. For those who play in the snow, fluorescent golf balls were
created. These brightly colored balls are easy to see against the snow-covered course.

Either way, golfing in the extreme is a challenge, and not one for the faint of heart, or the poor of play. For golfers who
play in extreme heat, they require to recollect to get plenty of water to drink and exit all alcoholic beverages alone.
Those who play in the cold ought to have something warm to drink in a thermos to assist keep their body temperature up, even if
they are walking the course. But, whatever the pain and the accommodations they have to make, these folks consider
these a tiny price to pay for these \ldblquote the best option golf outings.\rdblquote

For most golfers, though, the most appropriate golf outing is merely the chance to go to their favorite course with a few friends and
chase golf balls all over the pasture, just having a good time and not taking the game too seriously. This is the most
prevalent type of golfer, and these players can most often be found playing in couples and foursomes. They will chide one one other

on a bad shot, at the same time as complimenting one one other on good shots and putts. The final score rarely matters (unless they tend to
be serious golfers), as they are on the links to have a good time and get away from the stresses of each day life.

Oddly enough, there are golfers who prefer to play the game by themselves. The solo golfer will most likely stride the course,
getting to be aware of the feel of each tee box, fairway and green with his or her feet. But these golfers are in the minority.

By and large, golf is a social game. And, although it is a competitive sport, most golfers will tell you that their favorite
part of the day, is the pints or drafts they share with their buddies on the 19th hole in the Club house at the end of a
fulfilling round.

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