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Choosing a self defense product can be overwhelming. So when making this important decision ask yourself, “How rapidly will I be capable to shield myself with this product?”.

An attacker often waits for that man or woman who is alone and unaware. They look for vulnerability. Most men and women do not have the luxury of a personal body guard, so you must preserve yourself.

In the event of an attack you have extremely limited time to react. You will not have time fumble through your purse or bag for that pepper spray or stun gun.

You require the power to end an attacker at your fingertips. You can do that with the Stunning Ring.

The Stunning Ring is a self defense pepper spray ring. It is creatively designed to fit a man or woman; sizes 6-14. Choose between silver or gold plating, complimented with a genuine onyx stone.

Because it is disguised as a ring an attacker would never be aware of you have pepper spray. The ring can be worn all the time or you can slip it on when necessary. The Stunning Ring is convenient because it will be there when you require it.

The ring is worn on the index or middle finger of your dominant hand with the safety latch closest to your thumb. merely point the ring at an attackers face. Use your thumb to untie the safety and depress the actuator.

The Stunning Ring will unbolt a 10% pepper spray formula with a heat rating of 2 million scoville heat units, 400 instances hotter than a jalapeno pepper! The pepper spray canister has a 2-3 second burst with a range of about 12 inches and is replaceable.

In addition to causing an attacker pain, the Stunning Ring formula will swell the mucous membranes, which makes breathing difficult, and swells the veins in the eyes, causing the eyes to shut. Coughing, choking, sneezing, intense and serious burning sensations to the eyes, nose, throat and skin, and nausea are also consequences that will continue 20-30 minutes but cause no permanent damage.

Once you have the attacker below control you can safely run for help.

I hope that you never find yourself in a situation where your safety or the safety of your loved ones is compromised. But I also hope that you can preserve yourself if you do.


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