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Unique Automatic Content For More Traffic

Gone are the days when you can make money online without creating content.

make money on the interenet

Google Cash was the perfect example of how you COULD in the past…but that was in 2003 and it is now 2012.

Times have changed and you must change with the times.

Unique Content For SEO Purposes

If you want Link Love (also known as Google Love or Link Juice) then you need to have links pointing in to your website from all over the internet.

Sometimes, you will get lucky and another website will link in to your site just by you asking for a link. And even more rarely, you will receive a link without you even asking – An SEOer’s dreamlike equivalent to winning the lottery.

However, if you want to create your own traffic and your own destiny and increase your own Search Engine Ranking Positions then you will have to propagate as much content across the internet as possible.

Regardless if you are using automated tools to do this, or do it manually, any link must have text around it for the maximum love.
You need backlinks and the way to get backlinks is with content…

The truth is, I would go as far as to say, that the only thing stopping you dominating ANY keyword on the search engines is having enough content that you can use to drive traffic and Link Love back to your own site.

Content To Build Websites

Every website must have content. ’nuff said!

Regardless if you are an affiliate or you are selling your own products, you NEED content.

So to have content on your website, you must either create that content or buy that content. One of the things that really came out of the Panda Update from Google is that in order to rank well, you must have large amounts of quality content on your website.

However, the problem of creating large amounts of content is either time or money (or both). You either need to write it yourself or pay somebody else to create it for you.

There is a cheaper and more time saving way…

Watch this video to learn more.

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